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QAS New Classes (Foil) Coach

Date Listed: 4th Apr, 2022 | Closing Date: 17th Apr, 2022
  • Organisation:Australian Sailing
  • Location:Brisbane, Queensland
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This is a technical coaching role based in QLD for the ‘new’ classes (those new to the Olympic program in 2024). The role will have a development focus in the Kitefoil, iQFoil and their associated pathway classes. The successful candidate will work with categorised QAS athletes in daily training, camps and regatta environments. The role will also monitor and support the identification. Confirmation and progression of youth talent towards the performance pathway in QLD. The QLD New Classes (Foil) Coach will be supported as part of our Performance Pathway coach group, aligned to our ‘Next Level Coach Development’ framework. Executing and agreed professional development plan will be an important part of progressing in this role.

Principle Accountabilities

In alignment with the QAS SSPP program objectives and strategy, primary responsibilities of the QLD New Classes (Foil) Coach include:

  • Provide on water coaching support for QAS SSPP athletes in the local training environment, scheduled training camps and at major state and national regattas.
  • Drive and monitor the development of QLD youth pathway classes via talent ID and direct coaching at association/AS youth events.
  • Create and action robust training, regatta and review plans (to be agreed with QLD Head Coach).
  • Work closely with the AS national coordinator\AST coaches of the Kite and Windfoil classes to support planning and integration.
  • Work with relevant Performance Pathway staff to produce and action an agreed professional development plan.
  • Demonstrate high levels of collaboration, being respectful when liaising with all stakeholders to assist in the effective delivery of program.
  • Undertake administrative responsibilities, including regular progress reports and operational/logistics meetings with AS, QAS or performance pathways staff.
  • Manage any contract coaches for use in the foiling classes where agreed with the QLD Head Coach.
  • Undertake required planning and logistics for the team at camps and events as required.
  • Maintain all supplied equipment including an allocated coach boat and trailer for your own use and remain accountable for its servicing.
  • Notify QLD Head Coach and Performance Pathway Coordinator of damage to program assets that require repair.

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