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Australian Sailing Annual Participation Report 2023

Australian Sailing’s 10-year Strategy “SAILING 2032” outlines our vision for the sport of sailing in Australia. This is the first Sailing Annual Participation Report and demonstrates Australian Sailing’s commitment to partnering with our Sailing Clubs, Class Associations and Discover Sailing Centres to grow active participants and members across Australia.

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Smart Marinas Guide – Navigating the digital transformation

Smart infrastructure, and consequently a smart marina, is the result of combining physical infrastructure with digital infrastructure, providing improved information to enable better, faster and cheaper decision making.


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2021 State of the Industry Report

2023 marine industry in Australia

The marine industry in Australia by the numbers 2023 Industry data.

The boating industry data report card includes input from the Australian International Marine Export Group, Marina Industries Association and BIA along with data intelligence from Australia’s boating app Deckee.

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The AIMS Index of Marine Industry 2023

Deloitte Access Economics undertook this analytical work for AIMS. Drawing on experience in developing and updating the AIMS Index of Marine Industry in the past, Deloitte Access Economics also drew on its in-house Deloitte Access Economics Regional Input-Output Model (DAE-RIOM) to estimate the flow-on and total economic contribution of the marine industry.

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Commonwealth Bank Manufacturing Insights Report Summary

The latest CommBank Manufacturing Insights Report unearths the drivers of business performance and the pathways to a more efficient, productive and sustainable future.

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South Coast Boating Network Plan

The South Coast Boating Network Plan (the Plan) identifies investment opportunities to revamp existing boating infrastructure and services that support marine tourism at 17 of the region’s waterways.

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ICOMIA half year trend report

ICOMIA’s Marine Industry Association (MIA) members have provided a snapshot overview of their industry for the past 6 months – 1 July 2022 to 31 December 2022 – compared to the same period of the previous year – 1 July 2021 to 31 December 2021.

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DP World Economic Impact Australia Findings

An extract from DP World’s Economic Impact – Australia observed an appreciable increase in its exports and imports in 2022. In October 2022, total imports in Australia grew year-on-year by 46%, while imports grew by around 36%.1 . Click below to see extract.

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COXSWAIN GRADE 3 – Guidelines on the changes to the certificates of competency and exemptions

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority has introduced a new Certificate of Competency and accompanying eligibility criteria for Coxswain Grade 3; this will be the lowest grade of commercial vessel qualification available for the skipper of a domestic commercial vessel (DCV). This includes all workboats, marina tenders and similar vessels operating in the boating industry where the vessel is less than 12m.

© The Australian Maritime Safety Authority

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