Australian-Made Techniglue Epoxies Ideal for Structural Bonding

Proudly Australian made and owned, the TECHNIGLUE range of adhesives has been the “go to” product range for the marine, architectural, transportation, industrial and civil engineering industries for 30 years.

Made by ATL Composites at their Gold Coast headquarters, the TECHNIGLUE adhesive range includes systems suitable for secondary bonding of fibre-reinforced composite parts, and multi-purpose bonding of timber, concrete and stone, through to highly toughened adhesives suitable for the structural bonding of metals, particularly aluminium and steel, where high peel strength is required.

TECHNIGLUE R60 is a high strength adhesive suitable for structural bonding applications on a variety of substrates – elements fabricated from timber, fibreglass, concrete and metal – and it is very popular for DIY applications in woodworking and marine applications.

TECHINIGLUE Mini Packs Available at Leading Chandleries

More recently, customers have been asking for convenient, smaller packs of TECHNIGLUE R60/H60 for small jobs and quick repairs.  To meet customer demand, ATL Composites now offers MINI TECHNIGLUE Packs in 150ml and 300ml.

R60 Mini Packs are supplied with a Fast hardener which cures at room temperature and it suitable for gap-filling and has excellent hold-up on vertical surfaces. The surfaces to be bonded should be dry and free from any contaminants such as oil or dust. Fibreglass, timber, painted, or metal surfaces should be thoroughly sanded to provide a good key. Concrete surfaces should be wire brushed to remove laitance.

For larger Commercial applications, 6 ltr and 30 ltr packs are available with Fast, Slow and Super Slow hardeners.

TECHNIGLUE products including the R60 Mini Packs are available through ATL’s National Dealer Network.

Independently tested by FORAY Industries – NATA Accreditation 1231 – using the SCAQMD Test Method 303-91 Determination of Volatile Organic Compounds in Various Materials Rule 1168, the VOC content of TECHNIGLUE R60 is 80% under the grams per Litre content requirement for the Multipurpose Construction Adhesive category.

Case Study – The Right Glue for the Job

One customer in the marine sector, O’Neill Shipwrights, used massive volumes of Techniglue R60 for the teak deck replacement project on superyacht OCEANA.

“It’s a very detailed piece and requires not only technical skill and precision, but the right glue for the job,” explained Director, Andrew O’Neill.

“We have approximately 7,100 lineal metres of teak decking, each hand selected, cut to shape and then laid, as well as 450kg of Techniglue R60. It’s a massive job!”

“We have always used Techniglue because it’s so easy to work with, easy to apply and we never have issues. It’s the best epoxy glue on the market, it has great working times with both the slow and fast hardeners and never lets go. I’ve been using it for years and will continue to do so as it has the best results.”

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