Auto fire suppression turns crisis into close call

By the time an onboard fire is noticed, too often the conflagration has grown beyond getting close enough to subdue the flames with a handheld extinguisher. With an easily installed Pre-Engineered , detection and suppression is automatic. With a full ten seconds of discharge time, it provides the instant critical response needed to turn a crisis into a close call.

Made in the USA, Pre-Engineered Fire Systems are offered in two versions: refillable NFD and non-refillable NFG series. Both are ideal for engine and generator compartments, propane storage lockers and other onboard spaces where combustible materials are stored.

A Sea-Fire NFD Pre-Engineered Fire System can be configured to protect spaces between 3.5 m3 and 51m3. It has an activation temperature of 79°-107° C.

Engineered for smaller spaces, an NFG system is ideal for smaller spaces between 0.7m3 and 2.8m3. Depending on the model, activation is either between 93° and 121° C. or 79° and 107° C.

Sea-Fire NFD and NFG Series Pre-Engineered Fire Systems have a heat sensor valve that automatically releases the suppression agent. The system can also be activated via a manual bi-directional pull cable. A safety pin arms and disarms the cable for maintenance and inspection.

Most systems can be installed vertical or horizontal for greater flexibility in tight and confined engine compartments. Both Pre-Engineered Fire Systems utilize FK-5112 Fire Suppression Fluid. Non-toxic, it has zero ozone depletion potential and an extremely low global warming potential (GWP) of one. Non-conductive and non-corrosive, it will not damage machinery or electronics during discharge. Plus, it’s a nitrogen-pressurized gaseous form that leaves no oily or powdery residue behind.

Sea-Fire Pre-Engineered Fire Systems have an operating temperature range of -6° to 54° C. They come with a marine-grade mounting bracket, system status indicator light mounted in a faceplate and full instructions for a fast, trouble-free installation. Depending on the model, they weigh between 2.7kg and 79.5kg.

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