Bulkhead-mount compass leads boat owners home

Owners of small boats often rely on landmarks to find their way home. But when fog or rain rolls in, it’s easy to get disoriented. That is unless there’s an Explorer Bulkhead Mount V-537 magnetic compass on board. The simple-to-install navigation component is easy to use and easier on the budget.

Because small- to medium-sized boats can be greatly affected by sea state, the Explorer Bulkhead Mount compass dial is set on a hardened steel pivot movement with a sapphire jewel. This provides a fast and smooth heading, without the spinning and jumping common with other compasses. Ideal for sailboats, it’s viewable with up to a 25° heel.

Made in the USA, the Explorer Bulkhead Mount compass has a 70mm direct-read dial with 45° heading letters, 30° numbers and 5° marks. black or blue backgrounds display a yellow lubber line, with the white card showing a red line. Simple-to-adjust integrated compensators allow the device to be installed around steel and aluminium without affecting deviation. Standard lighting is 12V, with 24V available as an option.

The Explorer Bulkhead Mount V-537 compass installs on a dash, console or bulkhead with up to a 30° angle. Requiring only a 762mm hole, the 95mm square black polymer base mounts with four included screws. It’s 100% repairable and comes with a five-year warranty.

Explorer Bulkhead Mount V-537 magnetic compass is available in Australia through:



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