Camo compasses deliver heading, even when stopped

Ritchie Navigation TR-31 Bracket Mount Trek camouflaged magnetic compasses not only give any dash or handlebar a serious outdoor appearance, but they’re practical too. Anglers, hunters, ATV riders and wildlife enthusiasts will appreciate the reliability of non-powered navigation, especially when at stealth speed or stopped.

Made in the USA, the Bracket Mount Trek compass is available in Breakup Camo (TR-31B) and Shadow Grass Camo (TR-31S) matte finishes. It has a 57mm black dial with white five-degree marks, 30-degree numbers and large heading letters. This sits atop a sapphire jewel mounted on a hardened steel pivot to provide readings even when being bounced and jarred. Powerful DirectiveForce magnets deliver a fast, accurate heading lock-on without dial spinning.

Because it’s typically mounted near metal, the compass features built-in compensators. The fully adjustable and reversible bracket provides a mounting range of over 300° from angled, vertical and horizontal to overhead. Integrated 12V green LED lighting extends its use in dim and dark conditions.

While the high-temperature composite housing will shrug off hard use, the Ritchie Navigation Bracket Mount Trek magnetic compass is 100% repairable and comes with a five-year warranty.

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E J Milde