Clean buffing pads work better

Nothing beats an electric orbital polisher to bring the sparkle back to a boat. But as its buffing pad builds up dead gelcoat, dirt, oil, wax and compound, it becomes less effective. When this happens, take a Clean-N-Simple Tip from Shurhold – it’s time for Serious Pad Cleaner.

Made in the USA, Shurhold Serious Pad Cleaner is a unique citrus-based formula that quickly dissolves compounds, waxes and other commonly used marine products. It’s perfect for cleaning genuine and synthetic wool pads, as well as microfiber and cotton bonnets, and scrubber heads.

Serious Pad Cleaner is simple to use. With the included scoop, mix two measures of powder into two gallons of fresh water. Then, soak the pads for 15-20 minutes. As the formula works, it lifts contaminants out of the material. Using a Shurhold Pad Cleaning & Utility Brush, the remaining material can easily be scraped away and the fibers fluffed. After rinsing with fresh water, air dry the pads.

Once buffing pads are clean, Serious Pad Cleaner can also bring new life to dock lines. After soaking in the mix for 15-20 minutes, a Shurhold Flexible Cord & Rope Brush digs into the surface fibers for a deep clean. Extra solution can be used for up to one week.

Dedicated to educating boat owners, Shurhold provides key tips for boat value preservation at Inventor of the One-Handle-Does-It-All-System, Shurhold is the leading manufacturer of premium detailing supplies that help clean, polish and protect vessels.

Serious Pad Cleaner from Shurhold is available in Australia through:

David Wood – Bob Littler Agencies

Ph: 07 3907 5500

Geoff Majer – Major Yacht Services

Ph: 02 9810 7200