Compact fans make confined spaces comfortable

Even when boat or RV interior temperatures are comfortable, their confined spaces can be stagnant and stuffy. With a premium compact Bora or Maestro SEEKR by Caframo fan, it’s easy to maintain refreshing air movement. Plus, their whisper-quiet operation won’t disrupt conversations or sleep.

With maximum dimensions of 165mm x 76mm x 241mm, Bora and Maestro fans will install in the tightest of locations. While compact, they move a lot of air: up to 3.68m3/min when set on high. Yet with all this power, they only draw between 0.06A and 0.18A for the 24V Bora, 0.15A to 0.27A for the 12V version, and 0.15A to 0.28A for the 12V Maestro.

Unlike lesser imitations, SEEKR by Caframo engineers its fan blades and motors for long-life efficiency and exceptional quietness. Both models feature the ability to pinpoint airflow for maximum comfort and fold up flat against the base when not in use to save space. They’re available in black or white to match any marine or RV décor.

The SEEKR by Caframo Bora features a three-speed touch control. The Maestro adds dual LED lights with a red night light option and a wired remote that can be surface- or flush-mounted up to six feet away.

Larger and more powerful, the Sirocco II has convenient 12/24V auto-sensing, three speeds with four timer settings and features a unique gimbaled design for true 360° airflow adaptability. The unique grille-less two-speed Ultimate fan has easy-to-clean FingerSafe blades, an integrated suction cup and a 1.8m cord with lighter plug for maximum convenience.

SEEKR by Caframo fans are easy to install and wire for simple and clean-looking installations. They’re made in Canada and come with a two-year warranty.

SEEKR by Caframo manufactures a wide range of quality fans, heaters and comfort solutions for marine and RV environments. It has a robust global network of dealers.

SEEKR by Caframo fans are available in Australia through:

Electus Distribution Pty Ltd

61 1300 738 555

Sam Allen Wholesale

61 07 3902 7222

Whitworth’s Marine

61 08 08240 3777