Compass better choice than GPS while kayaking

When moving at over 16 kph, electronic navigation will display a reliable course. But few can paddle at that speed. So, when rain, fog or dusk obscure shoreline landmarks, the Ritchie Navigation Kayaker XP-99 magnetic compass will provide an accurate heading. Designed specifically for kayaks, it surface mounts or attaches with the convenient K-TD.2 Tie Down accessory.

Made in the USA, the 70mm direct-reading dial of the Kayaker XP-99 compass is offered in black or blue. Both have bold, easy-to-read heading letters, 30° incremental numbers, 5° marks and a red lubber line. The dial is set on a hardened steel pivot movement with a scientifically-matched sapphire jewel bearing. Powerful DirectiveForce™ magnets provide fast and smooth heading lock-on, even in choppy water. The black or white housing has a movable bezel course minder that makes staying on track simple.

The Kayaker XP-99 mounts to the kayak with four screws or thru-bolts and is an ideal solution for paddlers who wish to install the optional 12V green LED lighting kit. Alternatively, the compass can be used with the Kayaker Tie Down. Attached to the boat with four bungee cords with clips, it comes with flexible foam padding to conform to any deck contour. The Ritchie Navigation Kayaker XP-99 magnetic compass is 100% repairable and comes with a five-year warranty.

The Ritchie Navigation Kayaker XP-99 magnetic compass is available in Australia through:


E J Milde