Compass for lifts, knocks and navigation

Beyond the important role of navigation for a magnetic compass, especially in foggy or dark conditions, racing and cruising sailors alike use them for sailing the lifted tack. Few offer the practical and tactical advantages built into the RU-90 Voyager Sailboat Racing Flush Mount compass from Ritchie Navigation. Mounted flush to the deck or on a binnacle, it’s ideal for everything from a double-handed dinghy to a mid-sized keelboat.

Made in the USA, the flat blue 76mm PowerDamp dial of the RU-90 Voyager features bright white numbers and 5° marks for visibility from full sun to twilight. Set on a hardened steel pivot with a scientifically-matched sapphire jewel, the compass card is silky smooth. Remaining steady, no matter the heeling angle or sea state, powerful Ritchie DirectiveForce magnets provide fast heading lock-on without dial spinning or jumping.

Four white 45° directionals and a single yellow 0° lubber line provide maximum visibility inside the rugged dome. The durable composite housing of the RU-90 Voyager requires only 44mm of depth to install into a standard 89mm hole. It has a total width of only 133mm. The Ritchie RU-90 Voyager Sailboat Racing Flush Mount compass is 100% repairable and comes with a five-year warranty.

The RU-90 Voyager Sailboat Racing Flush Mount compass from Ritchie Navigation is available in Australia through:


E J Milde