Convenient hardware speeds fender hanging

Tying off lines to position fenders before arriving at the dock can be a repetitive and time-consuming chore, particularly when boating solo. Series 401 Quick Release Fender Hangers from Accon Marine make bumper deployment and stowing a snap.

Formed from ultra-durable 316 stainless steel for long life and extreme corrosion resistance, Series 401 Quick Release Fender Hangers utilise a convenient two-piece design. This enables organising of lines ahead of time, then quickly snapping them in place for rapid bumper deployment at a consistent length.

The surface-mounted base measures a mere 91mm L x 30mm W and installs with two #10 stainless screws. Each fender line attaches to a separate steel ring pin, which plugs into the base with a gentle push when bumpers are needed. Upon leaving the dock, sliding a small tab on the base releases the entire setup for quick storage.

Accon Marine Quick Release Fender Hangers come in two sizes: the 401-R-.5 with a 13mm ring diameter; and the 401-R-1 with a 25mm diameter. Both models stand under 51mm H with the ring pin in place to minimise deck clutter.

This product is available in New Zealand through So-Pac Marine Ltd 

+64 9 448 5900