Ideal compass for small boats & smaller budgets

Many owners of small boats don’t think they need a compass until the shoreline is obscured by rain or fog. With the Explorer Flush-Mount F50 from Ritchie Navigation, it’s easy to add a reliable and simple-to-use navigation tool to any dash, console or deck without breaking the bank.

Made in the USA, the Explorer Flush-Mount F50 magnetic compass was designed for skiffs, dual and center consoles, sailboats and other small boats. The housing requires less than 125mm diameter of space and only 57mm of clearance. The premium composite housing features an integrated movable sunshade and is available in black or white to match any décor.

The Explorer F50 is offered with a 70mm black or white dial. Crisp, contrasting 5° marks, 30° numbers, bold directional letters and a high-visibility yellow lubber line make reading the compass from a distance easy. The dial is set on a hardened steel pivot movement with a sapphire jewel bearing. Combined with DirectiveForce™ magnets, it provides a sure heading without the spinning and jumping that’s common with competing compasses.

Because the Explorer F50 flush mounts, it’s simple to install. If the boat is metal or the compass will be placed near a heavy metal object, built-in compensators can correct for heading deviation. It comes prewired with integrated green lighting. The Ritchie Navigation Explorer Flush-Mount F50 is 100% repairable and comes with a five-year warranty.

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