Integrated cleat/rod holders reduce gunwale clutter

With cleats, rod holders, flag holders, navigation lights, fuel fills, bait wells, step pads and myriad other equipment vying for space at the back end of a boat, it can be a pretty crowded place. Combination mooring cleats with integrated rod holders from Accon Marine reduce clutter on the gunwales. And by turning two separate installations into one, they save time—whether on the production line or in the driveway.

Crafted from marine grade 316 stainless steel for classic good looks and corrosion resistance, the Accon Marine Cleat/Rod Holder measures just 192mm L x 95mm W x 214mm D. This allows use on a broad range of vessels from family bowriders to serious big-water fishing boats.

Accon’s three models each feature a 152mm pull-up cleat for up to 13mm dia. mooring line that retracts flat when not in use. This is integrated into a flush-mount rod holder in a choice of 0°, 15° or 30° offset to suit many fishing applications. Each is self-draining to the deck, or can be fitted with a 16mm ID hose for fully enclosed installations.

Built to last, an Accon Cleat/Rod Holder can withstand a load of more than 4,400 kg, as confirmed by independent lab testing. Each comes with a backing plate that doubles as a template to scribe the hole cut outline for installation. Once the cut-out is complete, four #15 stainless bolts and nuts secure the assembly.

This product is available in New Zealand through So-Pac Marine Ltd 

+64 9 448 5900