Large vessels need magnetic compass accuracy

Even with an impressive array of electronic navigation on board, large power and sailing vessels still rely on the accuracy of a magnetic compass. Few are as adaptable to the needs of recreational and commercial helmsmen as the Globemaster 127mm Flush Mount from Ritchie Navigation. Offered with the choice of three different cards, it can be configured to match the specific needs of the vessel, whether a yacht or seine trawler.

Proudly made in the USA, the Globemaster’s black PowerDamp flat card displays a 5° array with 30° bold numbers or two differently displayed 2° arrangements, one with 11.25° points and another with large 45° and smaller 3° points. Yellow 45° and 90° lubber lines allow easy reading. Integrated green or red LED lighting is available in 12, 24 or 32V.

The dial of the Ritchie Globemaster sits atop a scientifically matched sapphire jewel bearing, which is then seated in a hardened steel gimbal. Engineered for serious offshore work, built-in compensators ensure the selected card doesn’t spin or jump while underway. The Globemaster can be configured with a power or sailing gimbal.

The Globemaster’s premium housing and polished dome accentuate any helm. The compass is 100% repairable and boasts a 5-year warranty. A 15.88mm mounting hole is required.

The Globemaster 127mm Flush Mount from Ritchie Navigation is available in Australia through:


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