Maestro fan from SEEKR by Caframo has LED lighting and convenient remote

The Maestro from SEEKR by Caframo may be the most innovative 12V fan ever designed. Ideal for boats and caravans, it features dual-color LED lighting, a remote that controls it up to 183cm away, and the powerful and quiet airflow authentic SEEKR fans are known for.

Made in Canada, the Maestro has high-efficiency blades that move 170 m3/hr on the low speed setting and 221 m3/hr on high. The long-life motor has a low power draw: 0.15A on low, 0.28A on high. Virtually silent, the variable speed fan doesn’t have the electric hum nor chopping noise that’s common with cheap imitations. It’s so well built, it comes with a two-year warranty.

What sets the Maestro apart is the integrated lighting in the center of the fan hub. Its white and night-vision red LEDs—as well as the fan speed—are controlled with the convenient wired remote that surface-mounts with the supplied cover or flush-mounts in a standard single electrical box.

Like all SEEKR by Caframo fans, the Maestro has a fully adjustable mounting base that allows airflow to be aimed with precision. Combined with the remote, this allows it to be installed in places that may be out of reach, yet easily controlled with the remote. The Maestro from SEEKR by Caframo is available in black or white and comes with 3.05m of cable pre-wired to the fan.

In Australia, the Maestro can be purchased from Whitworths Marine and Leisure, both in store and online.