Manual toilet designed for real-world use

Many manufacturers place a focus on appearance over usability when it comes to marine toilets. The manual Fresh Head from Raritan Engineering is designed for real-world use. Not only does it feature an ultra-reliable diaphragm discharge pump, but it can connect to pressurised fresh water to reduce odours common with seawater flushing—an industry first. Plus, its classic styling looks good in any head compartment.

Made in the USA, the Raritan Fresh Head has a unique integrated valve that allows the user to let in as much fresh water as needed to flush the head. This conserves onboard potable supplies and eliminates the bacteria in salt and brackish water that cause a sulfur smell and black flecks. It also eliminates calcium deposits in the discharge hose. Operation is with a convenient telescoping handle.

Raritan designed the diaphragm discharge pump with a locking feature and vacuum break. When closed, water cannot backflow into the bowl. The full-size joker valve delivers better performance than toilets with small valves and provides less chance of clogging if too much waste enters. It also offers the ability to keep the bowl empty while underway or away from the boat.

Fresh Head comes in two sizes. The Marine version is 438mm L x 451mm W x 330mm H. The Household model is 508mm L x 465mm W x 334mm H. Both come with slow-close lids.

When installed with a holding tank, thru-hulls aren’t necessary, making installation of the Raritan Engineering Fresh Head a breeze. Both toilets feature footprints that are a direct replacement for competitive models.

The manual Fresh Head from Raritan Engineering is available in Australia through:

WA – | +61 08 9331 0000

QLD – | +61 07 5540 6800

Gold Coast – | +61 07 5540 6880

NSW – | +61 02 9816 7100

SA – | +61 08 8249 3200

VIC – | +61 03 5978 0143

Darwin – | +61 08 8981 6651