Marine toilet flushes wet or dry , manual or electric

Raritan Engineering’s first product was a simple toilet named the PH. Designed for recreational boating, it was so reliable it was chosen by the US Navy for use on its vessels. Over the years, it has gone through numerous updates, but today’s PH SuperFlush remains one of the most dependable manual marine toilets on the market. Its beefy piston pump and clog-resistant joker valve marry dependable operation into a stylish and comfortable design. Plus, a Conversion Kit enables adding electric flush functionality that can revert back to manual whenever needed.

What separates the Raritan PH SuperFlush from similar marine toilets is the massive double-action piston pump; it’s a full 66% larger than competing models. Not only does the bowl clear faster but it does so with fewer strokes. A unique air vent on the front of the unit allows the toilet to flush without bringing in additional water, ideal for draining the bowl in rough seas. A full-size 38mm joker valve virtually eliminates clogging.

Made in the USA, the gleaming white Raritan PH SuperFlush is offered in two sizes. The Marine model’s bowl measures 330mm H x 541mm W x 438mm D while the Household version is 334mm H x 464mm W x 508mm D.

The seat of the PH SuperFlush has integrated tabs to reduce movement when the boat is underway. A slow-close lid ensures a peaceful night’s sleep for crewmates.

Ideal for OEM and refit alike, the PH SuperFlush has an industry-standard mounting footprint. The pump can be oriented on either the left or right side. To accommodate the tightest head locations, the space-saving handle retracts. The toilet has a maximum lift of 1.2m with a discharge loop height of 381mm.

The Raritan 12V Electric Conversion Kit for electric flushing can be added after the toilet has been installed, in a choice of 12VDC or 24VDC, drawing 15A and 8A, respectively. Once powered, the toilet’s gearbox operation is smooth, quiet and trouble-free.

For over 60 years, generations have relied on Raritan quality and durability. Renowned for its extensive range of marine sanitation equipment, it also manufactures ice makers, water heaters and related components.

The PH SuperFlush is available in Australia through AMI Marine Sales

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