Moldaway eliminates common boat stains

Between rain, spray and humidity, boats accumulate moisture that becomes the perfect breeding ground for mold, mildew and algae. Residential cleaning products are not the answer to combat growth; they typically contain bleach or chlorine that can seriously fade and degrade marine finishes. Instead, Moldaway from Shurhold is designed for use on boats. It’s the safe and easy way to get rid of organic stains and prevent their return.

Made in the USA, Moldaway is a highly-concentrated oxygenated cleaner that becomes active when mixed with water. It has no harsh odors, is gentle on the skin and won’t leave behind a slippery residue.

Beyond organic stains, Moldaway is perfect for removing dirt, fish blood and dried-on food and drink spills. It’s safe to use on fiberglass, paint, vinyl, plastic, carpeting, wood, sailcloth, canvas and most marine fabrics.

Using Shurhold Moldaway is easy. After stirring 5ml of the powder into a liter of warm water, the solution is brushed or sponged onto the surface. After 10 minutes of saturation, the area is rinsed with fresh water. Stubborn stains can soak longer.

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