New microfibre pad extends cleaning reach

Over time, scrubbing with a coarse rag or stiff brush will scratch soft and delicate boat surfaces. Knowing that some such surfaces extended beyond arm’s reach, Shurhold introduces its new Microfibre Pad Base Cover. This, used along with a Shurhold Chenille Microfibre Premium Scratch-Free Wash Mitt, adds a gentle but thorough touch to vessel detailing. The benefits of microfibre are further explained in a Clean-N-Simple Tip.

Part of the innovative Shurhold One-Handle-Does-It-All-System, the new Microfibre Pad Base Cover fits the available 235mm L x 95mm W Swivel Base Pad. It slides onto the base and secures with sewn-in Velcro. The accessory is perfect for expanding the user’s cleaning reach, whether high, low, or narrow areas. Because the microfibre fabric holds so much soapy water, fewer trips to the bucket are needed.

The Chenille Microfibre Premium Scratch-Free Wash Mitt slips over the hand and has a wristband for a snug yet comfortable fit. It’s especially ideal for making fast work of cleaning tubing and crevices.

Microfibre is a synthetic fabric with extremely fine filament tufts that lift, trap and retain dirt and oils, and hold a massive amount of water. When the material is rinsed in the wash solution, the grime is released.

Combined with a quality soap such as Shurhold Brite Wash, the soft fibres won’t scratch outboard cowlings, isinglass and similar clear window materials, vinyl graphics, powdercoat and other delicate surfaces that need to be protected. It’s a great alternative to lambswool products, which are better for more aggressive scrubbing.

Maintaining both the Microfibre Pad Base Cover and Chenille Microfibre Premium Scratch-Free Wash Mitt is easy. Using a laundry detergent that’s free of softeners and fragrances will allow the soap to reach deep into the fibres without clogging them. It can be hand or machine laundered, using cold water only. Because the heat of a dryer can damage the fibres, each should be air-dried.

Dedicated to educating boat owners, Shurhold provides key tips for boat value preservation at Inventor of the One-Handle-Does-It-All-System, Shurhold is the leading manufacturer of premium detailing supplies that help clean, polish and protect vessels.

The Microfibre Pad Base Cover is available in Australia through:

Bob Littler Agencies

Major Yacht Services