New Ronstan Orbit Winches™

Introducing the first-ever range of Ronstan winches.

Orbit Winches™ combine fresh design thinking and proven manufacturing expertise in a performance-oriented range of lightweight aluminium winches.

Ronstan’s long experience manufacturing Andersen Stainless Steel Winches® defines their non-negotiable standards for reliability, mechanical efficiency, and unparalleled user experience. For everything else, the new winches were developed from the deck up with a different set of priorities and an eye for innovation.


Orbit Winches™ enter the market with impressive attributes. Remarkably easy to service, they require no tools for disassembly and maintenance.

Thanks to fully machined aluminium drums and highly efficient gearing, they weigh significantly less and offer lower line entry heights than any other winch in their class.

These advantages are complemented by the drum’s smooth surface finish and instantly recognisable Power Ribs™; features borrowed from Andersen winches to provide the same impressive line grip and control with minimal rope wear.

Orbit Winches™ sizes 30QT and larger are equipped with the unique, patented QuickTrim™ self-tailer. This truly functional innovation allows sailors to easily and safely ease line tension to make minor sail trim adjustments without removing the winch handle or taking the line out of the self-tailer. A small anti-clockwise rotation of the self-tailing cover allows the self-tailer to turn beneath it like a sheave as the rope is eased, with confident grip and control assured by the drum’s smooth surface and Power Ribs™. Letting the top cover spring back into place locks the self-tailer again to resume normal use.



Racing sailors can react and respond instantly to minor course corrections or changes in wind pressure and direction, providing an unmatched advantage when frequent sail trim adjustments are required. Cruising sailors will also appreciate the simple convenience when adjusting sail trim.

Ronstan Orbit Winches™ are available now in sizes 20ST, 30QT, and 40QT.

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