One-step boat detailing spray cleans, polishes & protects

Between rain and salt spray and windborne grime, boats get dirty quickly. Factor in the sun that bakes these elements into the finish, and bringing back a showroom shine can be a challenge. But not for Serious Shine Quick Detailer from Shurhold. The one-step spray product removes a wide range of imperfections while adding a glossy shine and protective layer.

Made in the USA, Serious Shine works on virtually any solid material. It’s ideal for removing water spots from gelcoat, isinglass, vinyl seating and multifunction displays. Inside the boat, it’s perfect for mirrors, stainless steel, glass and countertops. Because the unique formula is hydrophobic, once applied it keeps water drops from forming. Plus, Serious Shine provides an important UV-resistant coating that protects exposed surfaces and is anti-static, so dust won’t be attracted to the clean finish.

Simple to use, it’s misted onto the surface from 6-8″ away and wiped with a microfiber cloth until the dirt is removed. Then, it’s lightly buffed with a clean towel until any residue disappears. It comes in a 396gm rust-proof spray can.

Dedicated to educating boat owners, Shurhold provides key tips for boat value preservation at Inventor of the One-Handle-Does-It-All-System, Shurhold is the leading manufacturer of premium detailing supplies that help clean, polish and protect vessels.

The Serious Shine Quick Detailer from Shurhold is distributed in Australia through:

Bob Littler Agencies

07 3907 5500

Major Yacht Services