Playing shifts is easier with Tactician Compass

The Tactician Sailing Compass from Ritchie Navigation was designed specifically for sailors who want to gain a strategic advantage over their competitors—or simply get a better table for dinner at the club. Always ready to double as a navigation device, it’s the ideal addition to any small or mid-sized sailboat.

Made in the USA, the Tactician Sailing Compass is unique from other magnetic compasses. The Blue 76mm CombiDial card has standard 5° marks and 30° numeric references but adds six tactical quadrants on the side. The white bezel with blue degree references can be adjusted and used as a heading memory indicator. These combine with the four bright red lubber lines to provide a fast and easy reference as to whether the wind direction is lifting or heading the boat.

The card is set atop a sapphire jewel bearing on a hardened steel gimbal. Exclusive DirectiveForce™ magnets ensure the Tactician Sailing Compass dial doesn’t spin or jump, even when sailing in confused seas.

Because of its compact size of only 108mm dia. x 70mm H, the compass will fit on a crowded deck. Larger boats often install two, one on either side, for optimal viewing while seated on the rail. The Tactician Sailing Compass (XP-98W) is 100% repairable and comes with a five-year warranty.

The Tactician Sailing Compass from Ritchie Navigation is available in Australia through:


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