Power or sail, Compass ideal for 4.5m to 10.5m boats

Some boat owners feel a magnetic compass is redundant to electronic navigation. But when weather conditions warrant slow speeds, GPS becomes maddingly difficult to use. The SuperSport Venture SS-PR2 magnetic compass from Ritchie Navigation not only displays an accurate heading even when stopped but instantly shows minute course changes. Ideal for boats 4.5m to 10.5m in length, it’s perfect for powerboat dashboards and sailboat bulkheads.

Made in the USA, the SuperSport Venture features a bright blue 95mm CombiDial™ card. For viewing at any angle, the card’s side has 5° incremental and 30° numbered marks while the top has 5° marks and heading letters. For fast, easy reference, the polished dome has orange lubber lines at 0°, 45°, 180° and 315°. Pre-wired, it has integrated 12/24V blue LED night lighting. A front cover is supplied to protect the compass when not in use.

With Ritchie’s unique PowerDamp™ system, the SuperSport Venture is made for the jarring and bouncing that’s common in smaller boats. The card is set on a scientifically matched sapphire jewel that rides on a hardened steel gimbal. Combined with built-in compensators, the dial moves smoothly without spinning or jumping.

The SuperSport Venture has a rugged black 152mm H x 162mm W polymer housing that mounts on any surface from vertical to 40°. It requires a 117mm hole and four 6mm bolt holes. For installation on metal boats or near large steel objects, the compass comes with a Ritchie Compensator Module to adjust the heading up to 15°. A matching Inclinometer is available for attaining the optimal angle of heel. Like all Ritchie compasses, the SuperSport Venture SS-PR2 is 100% repairable. MED Wheelmark certified, it comes with a five-year warranty.

The SuperSport Venture SS-PR2 magnetic compass from Ritchie Navigation is available in Australia through:



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