Questus Self Leveling Radar Mounts

Questus Marine patented, Self-Leveling Radar Mounts automatically keep radar antennas level with the horizon, eliminating target loss.

Regardless of the angle of heel, with a Questus mount, a radar antenna will pick up targets to either side of a vessel, rather than aiming to the sky and water (for planes and fish).

The Questus Marine Self-Leveling Radar Mount can be installed in three basic configurations: backstay mount, mast mount or Stern Pole mount.

The Questus backstay system can be installed in six different configurations; (over the backstay – forward or aft mounted, behind the backstay – forward or aft mounted, in front of the backstay – forward or aft mounted radome). Installation does not require modification to the vessel or rigging, including those with hydraulic backstay adjusters.

Questus Marine Self-Leveling Radar Mounts can be used with many types of radar, including Broadband, Pulse and HD.

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