SOS Rescue Ring

Product Code: SOS-6409

Introducing SOS RESCUE RING -By SOS Marine-Survival Operations Specialists

SOS Marine has introduced the SOS Rescue Ring that is a small and compact rescue product, which automatically inflates on contact to water similar to an auto inflate life jacket. It is light weighing only 0.59Kg, packed size is 300mm x 120mm, and it is reusable after recharge.

It has a handle-designed to assist in gaining further distance throwing. The fluorescent yellow colour is easier to spot in water and it has three SOLAS reflective panels on each side, so it doesn’t matter which side up it lands it is still visible.

One major requirement of rescue teams is the size-and-weight of carrying sufficient rescue equipment, especially on jet-skis, ribs and rescue helicopters. The SOS RESCUE RING is light-and-easy to operate in an emergency, less complicated to deploy and more efficient and easier to stow.

The SOS RESCUE RING is an invaluable tool for first responders, such as, coast guards, water police/jet-skis patrol, surf-lifesaving, and commercial users because multiple SOS RESCUE RINGS may be carried easily on their vessels.

Australian Designed Product

  • In difficult and dangerous rescue operations deployment of several SOS Rescue Rings assist in the operational time-line of mass-rescue missions, when there is safety-at-sea exercise; most victims panic and struggle to survive.
  • The numerous SOS Rescue Rings thrown to the victims to hold while waiting rescue offers extra comfort and support.
  • The SOS Rescue Ring can be vacuum packed for better storage protection on jet skis and other potentially wet boat areas.

SOS Marine designs and manufactures safety and rescue equipment for 15 Defence Forces worldwide.

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