Spray your Gel Coat like paint and sand til it shines

With over 30 years of successful use, Duratec Hi-Gloss Additive #904-001, is the proven leader for post-application gel coat work.

Hi-Gloss Additive converts gel coat to air-cure chemistry, leading to a smooth, porcelain-hard surface.

Duratec Clear High Gloss Additive can be used in applications such as complete gel coat resurfacing, plug and pattern manufacturing, and gel coat repair. Blend it with the original gel coat to match to desired colour. DURATEC #904-001 For Perfect Gel Coat Repairs Every Time!

With comprehensive Preparation and Application guidelines, you can make your gelcoat spray like paint, and make gel coat repairs come out perfectly every time!


  • NO DULL SURFACE Additive eliminates the need for wax & PVA creating a superior finish.
  • ELIMINATES LOW-GLOSS Especially areas on the edges of repairs, like the low-gloss “donut” often seen in gel coat repairs.
    Flat & smooth profile compared to un-modified gel coat or gel coat with wax & styrene.
    In tooling gelcoat. Improves air release, thus preventing porosity.
  • FASTER & EASIER REPAIR The air-cure blend created with gelcoat cures fast and hard, creating a shiny smooth surface that is easy to sand.
  • Call the ATL Composites’ Technical Sales Team today on 07 5563 1222 to discuss your application.

Available through National Distributors.

2023 Hawkeye Industries manufacturers of Duratec, Aqua Buff, and Styrosafe, are celebrating their 40th anniversary.

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