The Trick to Cleaning and Restoring Non-Skid

Cleaning and restoring non-skid is one of the more intimidating projects a boat owner can face. But with a Clean-N-Simple Tip from Shurhold, anyone with the right tools and a little time can attain professional-quality results and quickly gain the skills needed to help others master this task.

The first step is to ensure the non-skid is clean. It’s important to take sufficient time to remove as much grime and oxidation as possible. Using a premium soap such as Shurhold Brite Wash and a stiff deck brush will ensure that dead gelcoat doesn’t get sucked up into the polisher pad, which can reduce the restoration compound’s effectiveness.

Once the deck is dry, small Xs of Shurhold Buff Magic Compound are brushed onto manageable 30cm x 30cm to 60cm x 60cm sections using a chip brush. Because non-skid is more porous than flat gelcoat, smaller working areas enable buffing before the compound soaks in or dries.

The formula breaks down as it’s used into ever-finer particles. Not only does Buff Magic replace time-consuming multistep products, but it’s far more cost-effective.

Using a Shurhold Rotary Polisher with a Buff Magic Compounding Pad, the formula is spread across the area at a moderate 800–1,100 rpm speed. The edge of the pad is used to dig deep into the non-skid for a deeper, richer shine. A commercial-grade tool, the Rotary Polisher has 1,400 watts of power and three unique ergonomic grip styles for all-day use.

When Buff Magic Compound begins to break down, it should be wiped off immediately with a clean microfiber towel. Working in a covered or shaded area when it’s cool will extend the time a boat owner has before the material dries. But if it does, a spray of Shurhold Serious Marine Cleaner will easily absorb leftover material and any residual oil from the surface. Slightly overlapping work areas will ensure a uniform result. A video of the process is at

The final step is to wash and dry the deck and protect the non-skid with Shurhold Pro Polish Wax & Sealant. The innovative formula repels water, creates a UV barrier and provides a deep, long-lasting, high-gloss shine.

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