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Anyone who owns a boat of any size will tell you that engine and vessel component protection from the ravages of salt is something that needs to be taken very seriously.

Untreated marine surfaces and engine / gearing internals are subjected to fast paced corrosion, rust and deterioration due to their constant exposure to salt, requiring a formulation that can both expel salt and protect against its long term effects.

This where the American formulated and manufactured, non-toxic and biodegradable SALT-AWAY salt inhibitor steps to the fore.

SALT-AWAY is simply sprayed onto any salt accumulated surface to quickly break down the build-up to enable the easy rinsing and protection of any boat surface.

SALT-AWAY can also be used as an engine flush for both inboard and outboard marine engines, (including I/O and PWC / Jet-Ski engines) providing important internal protection by removing all traces of salt, while being completely safe on all metals, rubber and plastic components.

SALT-AWAY is also recommended by leading marine engine manufacturers as the salt inhibitor of choice for prolonged engine life and performance.

Available in a handy 473 ml surface spray or in a 946ml or 3.79L Concentrate (refill) containers, just one litre of SALT-AWAY concentrate will make 500 litres of this outstanding salt inhibitor, ensuring ease of use and excellent value.

The exclusive SALT-AWAY 177ml Mixer Tool is the required SALT-AWAY delivery system for outboard, I/O and PWC Jet engine flushes, most inboard flushes and pressure washers. This American designed and manufactured tool features a three position valve and can withstand water pressure of up to 60psi.

Whether the boat is small or very large, SALT-AWAY speeds up cleaning time dramatically due to the effectiveness of its biodegradable and non-toxic formulation.

Almost three decades ago when SALT-AWAY was introduced to the global marine market in 1994, there was no such product anywhere in the world.

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