Vertical-Mount Compass Makes Viewing Easy

For easier viewing, many boat owners prefer to mount navigation equipment on a vertical or angled surface such as a companionway bulkhead or dashboard. With a bright blue 95mm CombiDial™ card that allows it to be read from the front or above, the Venture SR-2 magnetic compass from Ritchie Navigation is ideal for these locations.

Made in the USA, the Ritchie Venture SR-2 card has 5° incremental and 30° numbered marks on the front and 5° incremental and 45° heading letters on top. The dome has bright orange 0°, 45°, 180° and 315° lubber lines for easy reference from any angle.

Engineered for readability in all sea conditions, the card is set atop a scientifically matched sapphire jewel on a hardened steel pivot movement. This keeps the card level while Directive Force magnets provide a consistent heading. The result is a fast, accurate lock-on without annoying jumping and spinning.

The 154mm W x 164mm H x 64mm D Venture SR-2 housing requires a 118mm to 122mm mounting hole and can be installed at any angle through 40°.  It’s pre-wired for blue 12/24V LED night lighting and comes with both a protective back cover and a removable front cover. If the compass is placed near large metallic objects, the optional SR-CM2 Compensation Module will correct for deviation.

For sailors and those who take their boats to the extreme, the Venture SR-2 includes a companion Ritchie Venture SR-2 INC-45 Inclinometer. The device can be mounted below the compass and displays the vessel’s angle of heel up to 45°.

The Ritchie Navigation Venture SR-2 magnetic compass is built to last. It’s 100% repairable and comes with a five-year warranty.

The Vertical-mount Compass is available in Australia through:


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