Yamaha announces 2022 Waverunner Line-up

Yamaha Motor Australia has announced their new WaveRunner line-up for 2022, which sees the introduction of an all-new freestyle sit-down ski, exciting feature upgrades to their luxury performance FX models and new colours and decals across the entire range.
All-New JetBlaster

Headlining the 2022 WaveRunner range is the all-new JetBlaster, designed for those riders looking for more fun, more excitement and more freestyle capabilities than a traditional sit-down watercraft.

Inspired by the agility and manoeuvrability of Yamaha’s legendary SuperJet, this craft combines the freedom of a stand-up with the versatility of a sit-down personal watercraft, to deliver next level thrills and performance.

Marty Kypr, National Product Manager, WaveRunner said, “With consumer demand continuing to hit record levels and owners finding new ways to use their WaveRunners, whether adventure touring, cruising, adrenalin watersports or fishing, we are excited to be able to expand our offering to the freestyle riding market.”

Key to the unique performance and innovative JetBlaster design is the electric trim, built-in footwell chocks and raised action handlebars.

“The custom-tuned electric trim has been developed exclusively for this craft, to give the rider the ability to pop out of the water, do spins and other exciting maneuvers.

“Our designers also added built-in footwell chocks towards the rear of the craft, allowing the rider to adjust their riding position when freestyle riding.

“The wide mounted, high action handlebars, provide increased leverage over the craft, allowing the rider to quickly change direction and execute extreme moves with ease,” Marty said

At the heart of this action craft is Yamaha’s, award-winning, lightweight, TR-1 high-output marine engine combined with an ultra-lightweight hull, delivering the industry’s most powerful package in a watercraft of this size.

Upgraded FX Series

Yamaha’s luxury performance FX Series WaveRunners also receive significant technology and ride enhancements, continuing to push the limits of what you can expect from a top-end personal watercraft.

“We are really excited to announce further refinements to our FX line-up, after launching the current FX series in 2019 to much acclaim.

“Riders embraced our industry-first touchscreen displays and information-rich capabilities, which has inspired us to provide even more handy features,” Marty said.

New to the 2022 models, sees the former 4.3inch Connext touchscreen display increased to 5-inches on FX HO models and 7-inches on Yamaha’s supercharged FX SVHO models.

The display upgrade includes a full colour, glass screen, that is brighter and more visible; an easy-reach touch pad screen control; additional top speed and acceleration modes; as well as the introduction of Auto Trim, which allows the rider to save different trim modes to suit different performance riding or comfort preferences.

“With an increasing number of our FX riders choosing to install third-party GPS devices on our multi-mount system, we have gone a step further and integrated GPS capabilities directly into our Connext displays, across the FX range,” Marty said.

With the addition of an optional map software, Yamaha’s new GPS system allows the rider to add and follow waypoints; create, record and save tracks; and accurately track their speed. For extra safety, Yamaha has included a geofencing feature which sets a virtual boundary for learner riders, alerting the rider when the boundary has been reached.

Following the lead of the 2020 VX models, all FX models now come with Yamaha’s factory-installed, custom integrated marine audio system, which includes twin, powerful 4.5-inch fully waterproof marine speakers, integrated 2 channel (50 watts per channel) amplifier, easy access control pad and an integrated low-voltage regulator to protect the battery.

The audio system is linked to the rider’s Bluetooth enabled mobile phone, which also allows voice activation through a built-in microphone imbedded in the ski, hands free calls and text messages to be displayed on the Connext touchscreen.

Other enhancements include an all-new FX glove box, that is not only larger, providing 16.5 litres of useable storage, but also includes a dedicated smart grip phone holder, USB and 12V power outlets, and blue LED illumination to make finding your belongings easer in low light.

Below the waterline, Yamaha has moved the sponsons forward 50mm and modified the ride plate angle to provide more nose lift, resulting in a more comfortable and dryer ride in all conditions.

The steering system has also been upgraded, with a sleeker and more ergonomic handlebar design, smaller control boxes, and the addition of two rope tie hooks on either side of the steering column, to make tying up to jetties and other craft easier.

More Options, More Colours, More Fun.

To round out the 2022 line-up, all the GP1800R race ready models now come standard with Yamaha’s built-in 4.5-inch speakers and audio system.

Yamaha has also updated the colours and graphic kits across their existing GP1800R, VX and affordable recreational light EX models, with two colour variants now available in the GP1800R SVHO supercharged models.

“With a great mix of models, price points and colour variants from bright and vibrant to dark and stealthy, there is a model to suit every taste, level of experience and riding style.

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