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BIA Victoria planning for Boat Owners Club

Last year the BIAV commenced work on a Boat Owners Club (BOC) for Victorian boaters. Research was undertaken with the boating community and results highlighted what would be attractive to potential members and how they might like to engage.

Primarily the BOC will be for Victorian Boat Owners, though will also appeal to boating enthusiasts and those wanting to have a say in Victoria’s boating issues. Victoria has approximately 200,000 boat registrations and 420,000 marine license holders and our initial research shows a high level of boater interest in becoming a member.

BIAV plans to launch the BOC with a suite of tangible and non-tangible benefits.

  1. Tangible Benefits – offered by BIAV members (thus driving business to BIAV members)
    • Retail discounts:  year-round or one-off offers (conditions such as min spend may apply)
    • Discounts on fishing/boating subscriptions
    • Marina, storage and club related benefits
    • Boat show ticket advantages
    • Boating and other aligned commercial benefits
    • Merchandise offerings: cap, car sticker, keyring, fishing shirt, polo etc.
  2.  Non-Tangible Benefits
    • The opportunity for members to be heard, be part of the Voice to Government – survey involvement on topics affecting Victorian boaters
    • The ‘cache’ of being part of an exclusive group that own boats in Victoria

A big thank you to BAIV members who have already offered tangible benefits/discounts for BOC members, you will be contacted to confirm your previously offered contribution.

BIAV would welcome all members, to take up this great opportunity to be involved in the BOC, so if you haven’t as yet considered being a benefit provider, please do so. Any offering that you think will be attractive to BOC members, that you can put forward would be greatly appreciated. The BOC will raise your visibility and drive customers to your business so we hope you’d like to take this great opportunity to be part of the BOC community.

If you have any questions, in the first instance please contact:
Katrina Muir |