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Moorings Online for NSW

The Maritime Office of Transport for NSW advises that Moorings Online was launched 4 November 2020. The on-line service allows boaters to apply on line for private moorings and see priority wait lists via the Private Mooring Map.

The Private Mooring Map lets boaters explore mooring areas across the state, and access information relating to particular mooring areas, including:

·       available sites and wait list areas

·       the number of applicants on the wait list

·       data on when the last mooring was offered

·       the fee rate for each area

·       maximum vessel length and

·       other comments or restrictions

After selecting an area on the map, boaters can apply for an available mooring using the online map.

Moorings Online saves you time and replaces the need to complete and submit hard copy Private Mooring and Priority Wait List applications via mail, email or at a Service Centre

The Moorings page can be found at the below link.

Click here to the Moorings Page