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Another gem from Rebecca

Rebecca Whitlocke is a media and marketing expert based in France.   Apart from covering many of the world’s leading boat shows, Rebecca also provides marketing advice, public relations & business development for her clients.  Her writings provide great advice for businesses.

Her latest post speaks about connecting with your audience…..

I thought I would share some LinkedIn data about my posts over the past month:

– Each post received between 154 and 12,917 views over 7 days.

– Each post has a description, image or video and hashtags.

– My best performing post received 214 reactions, 21 comments and 18 reshares.

– Top audiences are shipyards, brokerages, marinas, media.

– Top views come from Executive Directors, Founders, Project Managers, Salespeople, Business and Marketing Strategists.

– Top locations reading my LinkedIn content: France, Monaco, UK specifically London and Portsmouth, Netherlands, US specifically Miami, Fort Lauderdale and New York, Sydney, Palma and Milan.

There’s a larger picture why I’m sharing this.

Getting your product or service in front of the right people is only part of the process. There’s so many online resources and people are digitally savvy that you can’t rest on your laurels and expect customers to find you and love your content.

My posts sometimes feature in the top 1% for engagement on LinkedIn. It’s not by chance – I have a strategy for when I post, what I post and even which hashtags I use (more on that later!).

✅   You must always MONITOR and ADAPT what is happening with your audience.

✅   Define WHY your company exists.

✅   COMMUNICATE with current and prospective clients.

✅   ENGAGE with your followers by responding to comments and shares.

✅   Fill gaps by SHARING YOUR KNOWLEDGE via USEFUL CONTENT such as mini guides, video demos or answering FAQs about your products or services.

✅   Generate CREATIVE IDEAS.

I encourage my clients to publish with a QUALITY mindset, not a quantity mindset. Having 100,000 followers and multiple social media pages means nothing if you can’t define what you offer and convert that into customers who will PAY for your products or services.

If your content is relevant and useful, make it EASY for your audience to read it and share it.

I hope my posts give a motivational boost, especially for small business owners. Running a small business means you see highs and lows – you are the accountant, marketing person, design guru, coffee maker, taxi for the kids 🙂 There are wonderfully fulfilling projects and also challenging days, personally and professionally.

Great things never come from sitting in your comfort zone! There’s no vanity metrics when you choose to help others help themselves. Keep your chin up and keep going because there’s no price tag on creativity and persistence.

Rebecca Whitlocke is a media and marketing expert.   Rebecca founded Antibes Yachting which is a community platform focused on brand support for yachting companies in Antibes, France.  
Antibes Yachting offers years of experience working with premium businesses including superyacht companies, world-class events, private aviation and luxury travel suppliers.
Antibes Yachting goes beyond conventional business to connect you with opportunities and industry-specific advice.  You can follow Rebecca on LinkedIn here Rebecca Whitlocke or through her Antibes Yachting Page.