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Let’s talk about the importance of distribution and promotion of your content and marketing

Rebecca Whitlocke is a media and marketing expert based in France. Apart from covering many of the world’s leading boat shows, Rebecca also provides marketing advice, public relations & business development for her clients. Her writings provide great advice for businesses.

Her latest post speaks about the importance of distribution and promotion of your content…..

Let’s talk about the importance of distribution and promotion of your content and marketing. Why? Because if no one can see or find your content then you are wasting time and energy creating it.

We need to work smart.

Simply creating content isn’t enough – it needs to be read.


1)  Your content should be a mix of original content YOU create and curated content. Curated content is content created by others that you can share.

🔹. Examples of original, owned content: Your point of view / commentary posted on your social media pages, your photos, your blog posts, your podcasts, your newsletter, your Facebook Live, Instagram or YouTube videos, your ‘how to’ guides, your tutorial slides, infographics you create, links to sales brochures.

🔹. Examples of curated content: Links to other industry-relevant blogs, interviews, articles, photos or videos, podcasts, guides.

2) I like to aim for a mix of 30% original content / 60% curated content / 10% call to action posts. This is what works with my audience.

Your posts should include a mix of information about your products or services, personality, branding and promotional calls to action. A call to action is a prompt for the audience such as ’Sign up to our mailing list’, or ‘List your company on Antibes Yachting today’ or ’30% off at the end of season’.

I add humour and fun posts occasionally on my social media pages to keep things light and ’non-corporate’! People do not follow you online to see you talk about your company all day.

3) Creating 100% original and unique content can be challenging sometimes, so using a mix of original AND curated content means you can engage with the yachting community via relevant topics. Your messaging should inform, educate, promote sales and entertain.

4). Once you hit publish, think about HOW and WHERE your target audience will find it. Here are 6 options for distribution and promotion to increase the opportunities for your content to be seen:

🔹. Search engine optimisation & advertising to drive traffic to your website and blog pages.

🔹  Social media marketing & advertising to drive brand awareness, traffic and leads.

🔹. Guest blogging or interviews on other industry-relevant sites so you build a portfolio for thought leadership, knowledge sharing and PR. Don’t forget to cross-promote and add the link to your own website!

🔹. Traditional advertising with yachting or luxury media (radio/print/online).

🔹. Republishing your content on yachting forums / groups with a link back to the original on your website. For every piece of content I publish, I share it on multiple Linkedin Groups, and/or yachting news feeder sites such as Feedspot or Superyacht Networks.

🔹. Using industry-relevant hashtags on social media. Hashtags categorise content which makes it easier for people to find it.

💡. Which of these tactics do you use to grow your audience?

Rebecca Whitlocke is a media and marketing expert.   Rebecca founded Antibes Yachting which is a community platform focused on brand support for yachting companies in Antibes, France.  
Antibes Yachting offers years of experience working with premium businesses including superyacht companies, world-class events, private aviation and luxury travel suppliers.
Antibes Yachting goes beyond conventional business to connect you with opportunities and industry-specific advice.  You can follow Rebecca on LinkedIn here Rebecca Whitlocke or through her Antibes Yachting Page.