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Raritan C.H. unblocks clogged toilet hoses

Seawater plumbing systems must be maintained to prevent clogging. Many users don’t realise how quickly calcium carbonate builds up in the hoses and connections when flushing with seawater. Plus, whether using fresh or saltwater, uric scale adds to the problem.

The result is a restricted flow and eventual clog. The remedy is to remove and clean the piping, a nasty prospect, or regular use of C.H. Cleans Hoses from Raritan Engineering. The powerful formula dissolves build-up in the lines and holding tank, and is ideal for Raritan Electroscan, Lectra/San and other Type I flow-through treatment systems.

Few products are as easy to use as C.H. Cleans Hoses. After identifying the length and width of the hose to determine the amount needed, one part formula to five parts clean water is simply poured into the toilet and allowed to sit in the line and tank for at least six hours. Once thoroughly flushed with at least 38l of water, the holding tank is pumped out. For extreme build-up in a tank, 12–18 hours of utility pump or compressed air agitation may be necessary.

When using C.H. Cleans Hoses with Electroscan or Lectra/San, a minimum of 11 litres of the solution is poured into the system. This is allowed to sit for six to 24 hours before activating the treatment device. Once flushed with 38 litres of clean water, the system is ready for use.

Raritan C.H. Cleans Hoses is a concentrated blend of liquid chemicals. A 3.7 litre container makes 22.7 litres of solution; a 1 litre bottle makes 5.6 litres.

In Australia Raritan C.H. can be purchased from AMI Marine Sales.  In New Zealand it can be found at Lusty & Blundell in Auckland.

To read more about Raritan products, visit their web site here.