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Simpler way to a Special Permit for junior boaters in South Australia

It has become simpler for young people aged 12-15 years to gain a Special Permit to operate a recreational vessel in South Australia.

The requirement to pass a Special Permit practical (on water) examination has been removed for those who only want to operate under the supervision of a Boat Licence holder.

The Special Permit practical (on water) assessment remains in place for those 12-15 year old’s wishing to operate unsupervised.

All Special Permit holders must still pass the Special Permit theory examination to gain their Special Permit. Junior boaters are advised to get your knowledge up to date for the examination by reading the SA Recreational Boating Safety Handbook and practicing for the test here.

Changes for individuals only wishing to operate supervised:

If successful in passing the theory examination the Special Permit holder can:

operate any recreational vessel (other than a personal watercraft) fitted with an engine under the direct supervision of a person who holds a Boat Operator’s Licence or a Temporary Boat Operator’s Licence; and

act as an observer where a person is being towed by a vessel, provided the operator of the vessel holds a Boat Operator’s Licence and is over the age of 18 years.

No changes for individuals wishing to operate unsupervised:

If successful in passing the theory and practical examinations, the Special Permit holder can operate unsupervised under the following condition:

operate a recreational vessel between sunrise and sunset that is less than 4 metres in length and has a potential speed of 10 knots or less without supervision, providing the Special Permit holder and any passengers on the vessel are wearing an approved lifejacket.

Special Permit holders cannot:

operate a personal watercraft – eg jet ski
operate a boat that is towing a water skier.

For more details on gaining your Special Permit please click here.