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TedTec welcomes Mat Belcher aboard

Fledgeling Australian boat fitting manufacturer TedTec welcomes Mat Belcher aboard as part of the team. The triple Olympic Medallist fresh back from winning his second Gold Medal in Tokyo is keen to be a part of TedTec’s future.

TedTec developed the revolutionary Ropescrew technology as the only soft attachment that can be fixed to a substrate from one side.

Mat Belcher said, “Will & I have been for a long time focussed on collecting as many one percenters as we can to maximise our performance. As we have been at the top of the class for some time, we had a good understanding on what areas we needed to focus on. Looking back, Covid gave us the opportunity to really narrow down on the key areas and one of these areas was to simplify our boat setups and get unnecessary weight out of the boat.

I have never liked too many systems in the boat, always making sure that each block, rope and cleat has a purpose and that purpose is necessary and will make a difference.

Working with Andrew York through his Ropescrew range enabled us to really simplify

our layout by splicing blocks onto the attachments, minimising any sharp areas within the boat.“

Mat Belcher and Will Ryan had 43 Ropescrews on their Gold Medal winning 470 and easily reached their target reduction in weight. Months earlier Mat and Will installed the first Ropescrews on their training boat and after their first day sailing Mat commented “I can’t believe how easy they are to install. We sailed in 20knots today and they took all of the load. They look great too!

Andrew said he “is immensely proud of his Ropescrews (Patent Pending) and is looking forward to having Mat as part of the team. He will help open some doors to get our product more well known in the marketplace, which is quite exciting”.

Ropescrews are the only soft attachment fitting that can be installed from just one side and on curved surfaces. The M10 Ropescrews that Mat & Will used weigh only 2 grams (0.07oz) and can hold over 150kg (330lbs).

Mat also has fittings that he has developed for the 470 that can be used across a number of classes to make the boats faster and easier to sail. Also, we now have a composite 3D printer at TedTec so we are currently testing new products which we will be introducing into the market place.

We are looking forward to Mat spreading the word about how TedTec can make everyone’s boat lighter, faster and easier to sail.

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