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An update on Tutukaka Marina’s recovery

While marinas are safe havens for boats, from time to time nature has other ideas.

On Saturday 15 January at 9:15pm, Tutukaka Marina in Northland suffered a tsunami surge that has caused significant damage both to the marina structures, and to boats themselves.

The marina management, assisted by the local and wider marine community, was quick to respond.

As of late last week, this is the situation update, issued by Tutukaka Marina:

  • Work continues and good progress has been made removing underwater obstructions and the removal of damaged piers. Fuel jetty assessments continue. Water has been reinstated to all Piers except for L-Pier. Shore power has been reinstated to all except for L Pier. A robust Health and Safety plan is in place to protect and provide safety to commercial divers, barge operators, boat owners and the general public. All sunken vessels have been raised and ready to be removed.
  • The Trust has designated the entire marina area an active construction site and all vessel movements require authorisation from marina management by phone or email to ensure the safety and well-being of barge operators and commercial divers who might be in the water.
  • Hydrographic scanning of the channel for obstructions has been completed by Northland Regional Council teams and the channel is navigable.
  • Pier access during this work is limited to essential purposes or essential departures or arrivals.
  • The GOFUEL Fuel Jetty facility is still out of service- updates will be given.
  • A large commercial barge and commercial dive teams are operating throughout the entire marina area- the Tutukaka Marina is working under the direction of the marine construction companies undertaking the work.
  • The carpark area between D and E piers will be used for the purpose of construction work / crane work and security fenced.
  • The boat ramp continues to be closed for any recreational use.
  • The entrance to L-Pier is closed for access.

Aerial photo by M Rossaak Logan

Earlier the marina said “Tutukaka Marina Trustees and staff wish to sincerely thank everyone for their support and understanding since the tsumani surge last Saturday: boat owners, marina operators up and down NZ, local contractors and the general public. It is very much appreciated and in the spirit of Northland and New Zealand.”