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Rebecca Whitlocke shares her marketing tips for yachting companies


Recently, someone asked : “Which content performs best for you on LinkedIn?”

💡 Long form content, no graphics?
💡 Short form, no graphics?
💡 Video content?
💡 Content with a carousel?
💡 Polls?

You can’t just expect prospective customers to find you and love your content.

Finding out data from others in the yachting industry is difficult. People are protective of their methods and understandably so.

I don’t work that way.

I think the best approach is sharing knowledge, rather than hiding it. I’ve dealt with many copy cats and plagiarism, but the downside of sharing knowledge is much less than the benefits.

Anyway, here’s a sample of my LinkedIn posts from the past 3 months:

✅ My best performing posts are usually text + photo + hashtags.
✅ I always use hashtags – I have been monitoring a core group of yachting-specific hashtags for about 2.5 years.
✅ I usually post in the morning EU time as that is when the bulk of my target audience and followers are online and engaging.
✅ Polls get good engagement, however I would suggest using them sparingly unless you are really clear about your goals. There’s no point posting a poll about your dinner or favourite coffee if you want a paying client in the yachting industry.

🔹 POST: 12,967 views, 216 likes/loves, 21 comments.
Text + external link + photos + tagged relevant contacts + 10 industry specific hashtags.

🔹 POST: 4,802 views, 103 likes/loves, 45 comments.
Text + external link + photos + 10 industry specific hashtags.

🔹LINKEDIN ARTICLE: 175 views, 86 likes/loves, 43 comments.
Text + link to article + photo + 10 industry specific hashtags

🔹VIDEO: 824 views, 61 likes/loves, 8 comments
Text + external link + video + 5 industry specific hashtags.

🔷 4 Tips for LinkedIn:

✅ Publish with a QUALITY mindset, not a quantity mindset.

✅ ENGAGE with your followers by responding to comments and shares.

✅ Fill gaps by SHARING YOUR KNOWLEDGE via USEFUL CONTENT such as explainer guides, demos or answering FAQs about your company.

✅ Don’t underestimate the power of lurkers! Many people never engage with your LinkedIn posts, yet they will watch your activity for a long time and pop up to direct message you with a lead, partnership or work offer. LinkedIn posts have incredible longevity; I often have people contact me about posts that were published 12 months or older. Start posting today!

Which content performs best for you on LinkedIn?

Photo: Albert Benjamin, Antibes


Rebecca Whitlocke is a media and marketing expert.   Rebecca founded Antibes Yachting which is a community platform focused on brand support for yachting companies in Antibes, France.  
Antibes Yachting offers years of experience working with premium businesses including superyacht companies, world-class events, private aviation and luxury travel suppliers.
Antibes Yachting goes beyond conventional business to connect you with opportunities and industry-specific advice.  You can follow Rebecca on LinkedIn here Rebecca Whitlocke or through her Antibes Yachting Page.