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Blue is Back – The South Pacific is open to superyachts and primed to be the next great charter destination

Coordinated superyacht chartering procedures in the main South Pacific countries, eased border re-strictions, safe cruising, diversity of sights and new marina and refit facilities, have created irresistible cruising in the world’s most undiscovered destination; the South Pacific.

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Earth’s playground is open for business. New Zealand, Tahiti, Fiji and Australia have coordinated superyacht procedures for ease of cruising across this ultimate destination.

Each country boasts widely-differing and interesting cultures, sights and cruising grounds, but with the added bonus of closely aligned charter and entry rules. This allows yachts to enjoy multiple sea-sons across the vast blue of the South Pacific, including consecutive charter seasons.

All four countries have announced removal of Covid-19 border restrictions and from August 2022, visiting yachts can stay two or more years in each country on a revolving basis that now allows them to enjoy the South Pacific indefinitely.

The coordination allows superyachts to create multiple charter seasons across the wide blue spaces of the South Pacific. With the countries dotted down the Pacific and each equipped with superyacht
infrastructure, yachts are able to plan seasons in Tahiti and Fiji, before moving on to spend time in New Zealand and Australia, and back into the islands if they choose. The refit hub of New Zealand allows for warrantee repairs and service schedules for new builds, or complex refits to be undertaken to facilitate multiple seasons.

The South Pacific offers a year-long summer climate for charter yachts, with the Tahiti and Fiji season from May to October and the New Zealand and Australian season from October to May.

The islands of the South Pacific deliver idyllic atolls, white sand beaches, crystalline waters and rich cultural experiences, while New Zealand boasts an adventure around every headland, award-winning hospitality, the adrenaline capital of the world, and ancient landscapes. Australia is a haven for wild-life found nowhere else on earth, cosmopolitan cities, and long reaches of white, sandy coastline.

With endless stretches of islands and beaches, untouched dive sites, superyacht-friendly legislation, safe destinations and welcoming cultures, the South Pacific is well on its way to becoming the world’s next great charter hot spot and ultimate getaway for superyacht owners.

How to get there? Superyacht New Zealand has produced a summary of the entry rules for each South Pacific country and a fact sheet for superyachts visiting New Zealand, which can be found at and attached here.