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In New Zealand CPC programme sets the standard

Boaties heading along to this week’s Hutchwilco Boat Show (12-15 May) will be on the lookout for the perfect boat — but there’s something else they should check for before making a commitment to buy a new boat.

For additional peace of mind, potential buyers should look for the CPC (compliance plate certification), meaning the boat complies with a recognised, audited quality standard approved by both marine industry organisation NZ Marine and Coastguard New Zealand.

The programme sets standards for materials and structural design, fuel and electrical systems, bilge pumps and safe on-the-water performance and offers a two-year structural guarantee.

Unlike other compliance programmes, the CPC programme is unique in that an independent marine surveyor visits and audits each approved manufacturer annually to make sure the boats are built to the high quality CPC standards for safety.

NZ Marine CEO Peter Busfield says eighteen local boatbuilders are part of the programme, producing a range of fibreglass and aluminium boats, and now RIBs as well.

All manufacturers building to the CPC standard are also members of NZ Marine, so when you buy a CPC boat you not only have the backing of the manufacturer, but you can be sure you are buying a boat that you and your family can trust.

This Coastguard NZ and NZ Marine-approved boatbuilding standard makes not only for safer boating, but also potentially higher resale value. “It’s a standard boatowners can trust, and which will give them peace of mind, so they can just relax and enjoy their boating,” Busfield says.

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