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“Think ahead. Think now. Be Brave. Be Bold” says Spear.

ASMEX2022 today delivered a first-class line up of speakers and confirmed AIMEX as one of Australia’s leading marine industry bodies.

Jeremy Spear – President AIMEX

Industry confidence in the Australian International Marine Export Group (AIMEX) who also operates Superyacht Australia and the Australian Commercial Marine Group, was evident with its comprehensive and impressive line-up of sponsors at their conference ASMEX2022.

Industry participation was also encouraging with attendees up 19% on the previous conference. Guests attended from all parts of Australia, international locations and included a healthy crop of media representatives, including industry friend David Robinson (IBI) who attended from the UK.

With speakers hailing from Government, NGO as well as international locations, the mood was firmly established by President Jeremy Spear’s highly inspirational opening address.

He espoused nothing but a confident and positive message, sincerely delivered to the audience who welcomed the optimistic attitude and mood sorely missed over recent years.

In part…..

The last two years have been tumultuous for all, but much good has also come of all of this. Internationally – Australia is doing very well. Medically, Healthily, Economically and Business wise – domestically and globally.

We really need to focus on Export. Australia has Point Three of 1% of the world’s population but has so many advantages over many other countries. Yes – we are from a faraway land, so we have to try a bit harder, but Australia has such a fine reputation overseas.

We all need to capitalise on this. When you’ve seen 10% of the worlds cranes in one city without moving your eyes – that’s big.

When you’ve seen 10,000 shipping containers being robotically loaded and moved around with perfect efficiency – that’s big.

When you’ve seen 1000 ships queuing for work and changeovers – that’s big.

Marine Traffic tracked ¼ of a million registered vessel movements within the last 24 hours. It really is a huge industry – and that’s just Commercial – not the Recreational aspect of our industry worldwide.

Here, we delight in receiving single vessel design project or equipment supply orders or occasionally a pair of new builds at once. When you receive orders for a fleet of 12 vessels or more – that’s big.

When you’ve been in a large overseas shipyard with more than 8 vessels in build concurrently and more than 400 people working on them – that’s big (and really loud).

Consider the size and the phenomenal growth of some of the recent start-ups – pre, during and (fingers crossed) post Covid or throughout life as it will now be. Fortune favours the Brave – Be Brave!.

I urge you to think forward. To look ahead. To appreciate how good we have it here. To capitalise on that.

Borrow money – interest rates aren’t that bad (yet).

For an exporter, the AUD$ is currently exceptional value against many offshore currencies (late last week the US$ was trading at 0.6878 – we haven’t seen that for a while (2009). This makes us very attractive overseas. Use it to compete on value.

Yes – this all takes time. A long time in some cases. Look ahead. Be brave. Start now. Get out. Bang on doors. Grow. It’s often hard to get the doors to open – but when they do, it’s a whole new story.

I urge you to utilise all of the resources of AIMEX, ACMG and Superyacht Australia and consider exhibiting overseas if you haven’t already. Speak to seasoned players and those who have achieved success by taking their products and services to the world. Use AIMEX and the opportunities available to you as members.

Foreign countries love us. Our quality, reputation, design, methodology, mindset, attitude, abilities, culture, value – so many reasons. Capitalise on that. Bite more – chew harder.

We need to Think Big. We need to Go Hard.

There are many Government departments from Austrade to Tourism Australia and Destination NSW and Qld and WA as well as AIMEX, ACMG and Superyacht Australia all assisting and bettering our brand as a nation overseas. All are working hard, opening doors, and keeping them open. Working hard – for you. Take advantage of them. Capitalise on their work. Use these valuable resources. Ask. Discuss. Query. Brainstorm. Step up. Australia is very much open for business. Spread the message and they will come.

We are all a part of the sum of all of those parts. Go and be a part of the parts.

Think ahead. Think now. Be Brave. Be Bold.

But most of all – in all that you do – think big – in everything that you do.

- Jeremy Spear President AIMEX

That set the mood for what followed.  The rest of the meeting, under the guidance of CEO David Good who eloquently conducted the remaining line-up of speakers to ensure a polished and smooth offering for those attending.

In bad news for those with FOMO, you are right to feel that way.

Peter Munckton, Chief Economist Bank of Qld at ASMEX2022

First cab off the rank was Peter Munckton, Chief Economist from the Bank of Queensland, who delivered his address in the three parts, covering the Economy, the Risk, and the Manufacturing Industry and what we could do more.   His presentation was highly informative, and the statistics shown were nothing less than eye openers.  He also introduced another word to the language “Friendshuring” (my spelling), that described an alternative product and service sourcing method.

Speakers that followed included Jason Hawkins, MD of KND who received the award for the most courageous presentation, Christoph Becker Group CEO of Ayres Composite Panels, Dan Fisher from Veem, Brad Marsden MD of Marine Air Flow with Jeremy Spear again on stage to give an exporters update.

Martin Redmayne Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of the Superyacht Group was Zoomed in from his home far far away, who proceeded to give a fascinating overview of the size – past, present and forecast – of the number of Superyachts.  His numbers highlighted the opportunities and need to prepare for the future.

WA was in the spotlight with Christine Cole from Tourism WA and Chris Blackwell from the Echo Marine Group sharing information on the beauty of the west.    Kenta Inaba from Super Yacht Logistics visiting from Japan shared his experience for the Tokyo Olympics and the challenges presented having had the games delayed by a year.  David Good wrapped it up highlighting the forecasts and opportunities that the Brisbane Olympics present for the sector.

AIMEX CEO David Good hosts a panel of experts at ASMEX2022

Philipp von Arnim from Lurssen and Hanna Ljungqvist from Volvo Penta travelled from Europe for the conference and gave a fascinating insight about the powering of vessels in the future.

In local news John Hogan CEO of Superior Group, together with Brett James GM of the Southport Yacht Club took the audience on a recap of their journey to deliver an amazing engineering feat in designing, manufacturing, delivering, and installing the “berth” of a new level of superyacht marinas in Australia.

Meeting the demand for skilled workers in the maritime industry was on the agenda, and Suzanne Davis CEO Marina Industries Association, Adam Chanter TAFE Qld, and Greg Newby from Superyacht Crew Academy showed how the industry is working not to be left behind.

All in all, a fascinating, informative, and most enjoyable day.  On the negative side, I now have FOMO and know that I must return next year.  I can’t miss out and can only urge the industry who did not attend this year, to start hounding the AIMEX team now to help get the 2023 conference dates into your diary as soon as possible.

Congratulations David, congratulations Jeremy, congratulations to the entire AIMEX Team and Board.

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By Domenic Genua