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Planning to deliver Club Participation Programs in 2022/23?

In line with their Strategic Plan, Australian Sailing (AS) is continuing to invest in the development of Club Participation Programs. This crucial project will facilitate growing member participation, focusing on retaining and developing sailors, coaches, and volunteers at clubs.

After a successful pilot program and much development, AS say they are pleased to announce that Club Participation Programs are set to be launched from next month. These include new coaching programs such as Green, Intermediate & Advanced Fleet, all of which are available for any club or class to provide to members from the opening of the 2022/23 sailing season.

With the programs on their way, now is the time for a club or class to lock in participation goals and plan the pathway of programs for your next season. This may be anything from a first time Discover Sailing experience, right through to an Advanced Fleet coaching program where members aim to compete at a state or national championship.

Club Participation Programs are the follow through from a learn to sail program and allow participants (club/class members) to develop their fundamental sailing skills as well as develop racing and competition skills in whichever class they sail. The Green, Intermediate and Advanced Fleet programs are adaptable to any discipline and are designed to be inclusive and fun. They also allow members to foster individual sailing interests.

In the May club news, AS highlighted the first step visioning club or class participation goals. Recommending committees and training teams come together and set aside 1-2 hours and determine:

  • The club/class participation goals – Where do you want to be in 4 years?
  • Recognise where your club or class is at now
  • Determine specific actions your club/class take towards the identified vision.

Now, with your participation goals in place, the next steps to deliver great club programs to your members are:

  1. Plan how to sequence the programs for membership enjoyment, retention, and growth. Will the structure remain as per previous years, or do you need to do things different to achieve the program aims? *
  2. Engage with who can deliver your club participation programs.
    • Who could deliver Green, Intermediate and/or Advanced Programs to your members? Are the programs for youth? For masters members? For a specific class or a mixed program?
    • Engage your members, ask them to get involved, to become instructors or coaches in order to deliver the member focussed programs. For example, you may have 2 or 3 experience dinghy sailors who can share in the delivery of your Intermediate Fleet.
    • Note the following in your considerations:
      • Green Fleet can be delivered by instructors following completion of the Foundation Coach Course due September 2022.
      • Intermediate and/or Advanced Fleet coaching must be delivered by a certified sailing coach.
  3. Prepare, now is the time to prepare for summer. Skill your workforce – begin communicating with your members and support them in becoming certified. Start sharing with your members the programs you’ll deliver and how and when they can be involved.

* If your club or class would like assistance or guidance with any of above steps and/or what program may be best for your club or class and members, AS encourage you to contact your local Club Support Team.