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In SA new standard lifejackets required on all boats from 1 January, 2025

From 1 January, 2025 it will be illegal on a boat to wear a lifejacket marked with the old Australian Standards numbers AS 1512, AS 1499 and AS 2260.

All lifejackets in use on South Australian boats will need to adhere to the new standard AS 4758 or meet one of these other international standards. An infringement may be issued if your lifejacket does not comply with the standard.

Lifejackets that meet or exceed the standard, will be branded as a level 50, level 100, level 150 or greater.

If you are looking to update your lifejacket , make sure it meets the new standard.

There are a range of lifejackets available – make sure yours meets the Australian Standard

Updated “Which lifejacket do I need?” brochure

Check out our updated Which lifejacket do I need? brochure online. It includes lifejacket wear requirements in South Australia, tips on which lifejacket to buy for where you are operating, how to correctly fit a lifejacket, the different levels of lifejackets available and a reminder of the Australian Standards on lifejackets.

Keep your eye out for a hard copy of this brochure when your boat registration sticker is mailed out to you over the next 6 months.