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BIA Victoria responds

In response to an article published yesterday in Marine Business News, the BIA Victoria have responded with the following statement.  We thank BIA Victoria for providing the feedback that was signed off by BIAV Communications.  We trust that this communication will assist further dialog between the Association body and the Life Members who provided yesterdays commentary.

“The Boating Industry Association of Victoria wishes to clarify some of the points raised in an article published yesterday (29/9/22) in Marine Business News.

The article provides incomplete and biased information in relation to the BIAV Board, which requires clarification.

In particular, reference to a lack of transparency of any future plans to ensure a positive outcome for our members, is very unreasonable and inaccurate. Every aspect of the possible merger has been detailed to members in a series of presentations, EDMs, emails and zoom sessions. The Life member group in particular have been heavily consulted throughout this exhaustive process and those that have engaged are fully aware of every part of the process to date. The contents of the Transition Agreement, as referred to in the article, was entirely based on the contents of everything outlined to all members.

Similarly, the potential risks and downsides of the merger have been outlined to members on several occasions including in a detailed summary paper listing each risk, mitigation, and ‘safeguard’. This summary paper has been discussed in presentations and circulated to members via an EDM to all members, in advance of the member survey, that was also referenced in the article.

References to ‘take over’ are also inaccurate with the possible merger being seen as a genuine coming together of the two entities to create strength and unity, and to maximise resources.

The BIAV Board is fanatical in its efforts to best serve its members. It will only be recommending the merger to members if it is of the genuine belief that their interests will be best served. A very detailed process of due diligence is continuing and all factors are still being considered. The Board continues to seek factual feedback and input, from an engaged member base, and intends that it be fully-informed if and when it is time to vote. For such an important decision the Board is confident that all members are currently well informed and they know that they have access to the CEO and Directors to ask questions, express concerns, or offer their input at any time”.

BIAV Communications