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Lazzarini’s ‘Plectrum’ – how far into the future are we looking?

One of the intriguing elements of publishing Marine Business News, are the projects we come across that look into the future. Some of you will remember the story of Sovereign Ships back in September. That story had a lot of interest. Over recent months we have had numerous stories on current R & D projects looking into EV’s and the work with Hydrogen Power.

This week we came across the work of the Rome based Italian Pierpaolo Lazzarini, a designer with a flair for the amazing. His motto is “Think about the future never forget the past . . .”

One of his most recent visions is for a superyacht named “Plectrum”.

His Lazzarini Design Studio, known for their futuristic prototypes and concept designs, has created the superyacht, which include the use of hydrofoils. If all goes according to plan, production of the vessel is set to begin in 2025. The Plectrum is not his first foray into the marine world.

The 74-metre yacht, inspired by American cup sailing yachts, and its use of hydrofoil technology will do doubt add to the complexity of its construction.

In larger domestic vessels the use of hydrofoils is rare. The concept simply described, is that they lift above the waterline at certain speeds to reduce drag and friction. The amount of power required to lift the hydrofoils without causing complications is significant. To keep the weight of the yacht low, Lazzarini visions is to use carbon fibre composite materials.

High-speed travel on the water can be achieved through either a powerful engine or by utilising hydrofoil technology, which minimises resistance. Hydrofoil boats have already proven effective and incorporating this into a yacht offers the potential for high-speed travel in luxury.

Plectrum is powered by three hydrogen-powered engines, generating a total of 15,000hp. The adjustable hydrofoils measure 15 meters in anchored mode and extend to 20 metres when the yacht is lifted at its top speed of 75 knots.

This promises a comfortable and smooth sea journey for extended trips, unlike anything previously seen. The yacht features ample space for luxurious accommodation, including six guest cabins, an expansive owner’s suite, and a large sundeck. Additionally, it includes a central garage, a rear garage for water crafts, and a helicopter bed.

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