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Pier 35 now represents Aquila in Victoria

The Whitehaven Group has appointed Pier 35 at the Marina Village in Port Melbourne as the Victorian dealer for the Aquila brand of power catamarans.

Terry Ryan, who runs Pier 35 Boat Sales with his wife, Karen, business partner Chris McRedmond, and a team of five, has represented Integrity Motor Yachts since 2012 and the Whitehaven brand since 2015.

Terry has been Dealer Principal at Pier 35 since 2012, and prior to that, ran the operation on behalf of the previous owners.

“We really like the quality and design of the Aquila range of power cats, and they’re a great fit with the other brands,” Terry said.

“The three brands complement one and other and appeal to different markets. Whitehaven is the luxury bespoke brand, Integrity is an economical cruiser, Aquila presents a diverse range of power cats, from 28 to 70 feet.

“Aquila power cats are increasingly popular for their family-friendly, user-friendly features, and we are very keen to tap into this segment of the market.”

In his role as Aquila dealer, Terry and his team will support all current owners of Aquila in Victoria, and he has also taken on the roles of commissioning, after sales service and warranty for all vessels.

Bruce Scott, Director at the Whitehaven Group said Terry, Karen and their team are great assets to the business.

“We have known and worked with Terry since 2015,” said Bruce.

“He has earned the respect of his customers and many of them have become close friends. We’re looking forward to strong sales in Victoria.

“I encourage Aquila owners to get in touch with Terry and the team and introduce themselves and discuss their boating aspirations.”

A life-long boatie, Terry loves nothing more than getting out in open waters and enjoying a day, or several on board.

“I love bluewater boating,” he said. “We’re very lucky that we have a friend and client who owns a Whitehaven 6000 and we’ve spent many fantastic hours on board. I recently delivered an Integrity 49 to an owner in Melbourne, a second time buyer – just over 1,000 nautical miles – and cruised it down from the Gold Coast. It’s always exhilarating!”

Looking ahead as 2023 unfolds, Terry’s objective is to “sell more boats”.

“Both the sales and service branches of our business are very busy, and we are planning to expand and add more staff in coming months.

“The good news is there are many Aquilas on their way, and great deals on offer, so now is the time to get into boating.”