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Riviera’s Magnificent Eleven – Australian luxury takes centre stage at the Sanctuary Cove Boat Show

Australia’s premium luxury motor yacht builder, Riviera, has made a grand entrance with its magnificent fleet of eleven luxury motor yachts running in spectacular formation past the stunning Gold Coast skyline, and then filing into Sanctuary Cove ahead of the show’s opening at 9am today.

Riviera’s showcase of exceptional, Australian-designed and built yachts includes select models from 39 to 78 feet across the Sports Motor Yacht, SUV, Sport Yacht and Motor Yacht collections, and includes the world premiere of the new 585 SUV. The showcase is valued at more than $30 million.

Riviera Australia owner Rodney Longhurst, who was on the 585 SUV with his sons, said: “The Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show is Australia’s most prestigious and internationally respected marine event. Riviera is 100% Australian and we’re thrilled to form such an important part of the 2023 line-up.

“I have never felt prouder of our 900-strong team and the outstanding luxury motor yachts we design, build and export all over the world. They truly showcase our renowned Riviera qualities of strength, practicality and love of water.

“To have my two sons with me, witnessing our Riviera fleet underway, was to me personally a salute to my late father and his personal philosophy that anything is possible. It was a very special moment to share a generational philosophy with my boys,” said Rodney.

Dean Brickell, Riviera’s Final Quality Control & Sea Trials Manager, was the coordinating captain and led the fleet as skipper of the 78 Motor Yacht: “It was great to work alongside our team of captains creating what was for me, Riviera’s most incredible spectacle to date. Full credit goes to the outstanding team for orchestrating this amazing experience so safely, precisely and spectacularly – attributes shared by the yachts themselves,” said Dean.

Throughout the Boat Show, the exclusive Riviera Festival of Boating will also be held aboard multiple Riviera yachts and the floating Riviera owners’ lounge. The Festival is designed to encourage Riviera owners and their families to achieve their ultimate boating experience and includes many educational workshops, seminars and social events.

The Riviera showcase is located on H Arm at the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show from 25th – 28th May 2023.

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