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TAMS Group wins major contract from Pilbara Ports Authority

Diversified marine and port services company TAMS Group has announced that it has been awarded a major contract from Pilbara Ports Authority to expand the Nelson Point Tug Haven facility at the Port of Port Hedland.

The Nelson Point Tug Haven is the largest of three operational tug pens at the Port. The contract is part of the second stage of a $72.5 million upgrade of the facility.

Under the contract, TAMS will construct a new outside wave screen wall to shelter vessels from waves and storm surge in cyclones and other extreme weather events.

It will also upgrade six associated tug pens at the 6.3 metre deep facility capable of providing
operational and cyclonic mooring and access.

The Port of Port Hedland is the largest bulk export port in the world. The Commonwealth and WA State Governments are funding a major expansion of the Port’s infrastructure, aimed at increasing capacity to export battery minerals and import renewable energy infrastructure into the Pilbara.

TAMS has performed multiple works across the Pilbara ports of Dampier, Ashburton and Port Hedland for more than ten years.

Major works have included dredging, inspections, marine maintenance, and construction.

TAMS Group Chief Executive Officer Lee Bartlett said:

“TAMS is extremely pleased to be awarded the contract to expand and upgrade the Nelson Point Tug Haven facility. We are proud to be part of a major program of works at the Port to expand its capacity and lift trade and investment in the region.

“Our teams located at our Pilbara shorebases at Onslow, Dampier and Port Hedland have been working with Pilbara Ports Authority for more than a decade to build, improve and maintain the infrastructure at these important WA ports. We continue to live, work, and invest in the Pilbara and are proud members of its community.”