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Complete Underwater Surface Protection from HullWell – Incorporating Coppercoat

Coppercoat Pacific is now HullWell.

Led by Richard Cleave and utilising technical expertise from offshore and New Zealand, HullWell has perfected a unique and simplified three-product coating system. The removal of old antifoul paint with DeFOUL, with 10+ years of hull substrate protection and biofouling prevention with CK 426 and Coppercoat.

The HullWell system is engineered to excel on all hull and substrate types, from leisure and racing, sailing and power, superyachts, commercial and military applications, foiling vessels and ocean infrastructure.

Toxic components in ablative (eroding) antifouling paints have been progressively prohibited from use internationally and in New Zealand due to their destructive impacts on marine environments. Effective from 1 July 2023, the Environmental Protection Authority has outlawed the use of additional biocides and toxins, removing a number of antifouling paints from sale and reducing the lifespan and effectiveness of others.

Coppercoat is classified as non-eroding. Unlike ablative or foul-release coatings or films, it does not leech toxins, biocides, plastics, or silicon into the marine environment, each of these components are proven to be harmful to ocean health and sea-life.

Coppercoat significantly exceeds current, recently introduced and anticipated environmental standards in New Zealand and in all other countries. It is internationally acknowledged as the most environmentally responsible antifoul coating available and won the Eco-Friendly Business Category at the Asian Marine and Boating Awards – the first antifoul manufacturer to receive such an accolade.

Coppercoat Multi-Season, Superyacht and Commercial products are two-part epoxy coatings. They are solvent-free, manufactured entirely using re-cycled copper and contain no non-copper biocides.

Described as the ultimate solution for hull substrate protection and biofouling prevention, the HullWell system features a family of three unique products, and industry-leading technical support, that ensures long-term efficacy on every type of hull material.

DeFOUL Antifouling Paint Remover is bio-degradable and toxin and solvent-free. Up to ten years of traditional antifouling paint is removed by one person, in a single application, within 24 hours (displacing weeks of manual scraping, hull damage and exposure to highly toxic chemicals).

CK426 Ceramic Infused Epoxy Barrier Coating is an anticorrosive barrier coating for aluminium and steel vessels and ocean infrastructure and a protective barrier coating for GRP and carbon fibre vessels. CK426 chemically fuses with Coppercoat to create a highly durable, monolithic, non-porous protective shell.

Coppercoat Multi-Season Antifoul Coating is proven on over 80,000 applications. It is the only dual-function, non-eroding, epoxy antifoul coating in the world. While preventing biofouling for 10+ years, it provides unmatched protection for aluminium, steel, composite and timber vessels and ocean infrastructure.

Maintenance requirements for Coppercoat are minimal.

Typically, any initial product cost premium is equalised at 24 months, with cost savings then being delivered to owners and operators every year afterwards for another 8 or more years.

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